Why does the double seal valve not be used as a shut-off valve


The advantage of the two-seat valve spool is the force- […]

The advantage of the two-seat valve spool is the force-balanced structure, which allows a large differential pressure, and its outstanding disadvantage is that the two sealing faces cannot be in good contact at the same time, resulting in a large leak. If it is artificially and forcibly used to cut off the occasion, it is obviously not effective, even if it has made many improvements (such as double-sealed sleeve valves), it is not advisable.
Why does the two-seat valve easily oscillate when working at a small opening?
For a single core, the valve stability is good when the medium is flow-opening; the stability of the valve is poor when the medium is flow-closed. The double seat valve has two spools, the lower spool is closed, and the upper spool is open. Thus, when working at a small opening, the flow-closed spool is liable to cause vibration of the valve. This is a double seat valve. Can not be used for small opening work.
What kind of straight stroke regulating valve has poor anti-blocking performance, and the anti-blocking performance of the angular stroke valve is good?
The straight-stroke valve spool is vertically throttled, and the medium flows horizontally in and out. The flow passage in the valve chamber must turn and turn, making the flow path of the valve quite complicated (shape is inverted S-type). Thus, there are many dead zones that provide space for the precipitation of the medium, which in the long run causes blockages. The direction of the angular stroke valve throttling is the horizontal direction. The medium flows horizontally and horizontally, which makes it easy to take away the dirty medium. At the same time, the flow path is simple, and the space for the medium to precipitate is also small, so the anti-blocking performance of the angular stroke valve is good.

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