Valve link method


Clip connection A connection form in which the valve an […]

Clip connection
A connection form in which the valve and the two pipes are directly clamped together by bolts.
Butt weld connection
A connection that is directly welded to the pipe.
Threaded connection
This is a simple connection method and is often used for small valves. There are two cases:
1. Direct sealing: The internal and external threads directly seal. In order to ensure that the joints are not leaking, they are often filled with lead oil, wire hemp and polytetrafluoroethylene raw material tape; among them, the polytetrafluoroethylene raw material tape is widely used; this material has good corrosion resistance and excellent sealing effect. It is easy to use and store. When disassembling, it can be completely removed, because it is a non-stick film, which is superior to lead oil and wire.
2. Indirect sealing: the force of screwing is transmitted to the gasket between the two planes, so that the gasket acts as a seal.

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