Valve grease maintenance 2


Fifth, when filling grease, pay attention to the proble […]

Fifth, when filling grease, pay attention to the problem of valve body sewage discharge and wire plug pressure relief. After the valve pressure test, the gas and moisture in the valve chamber of the sealed chamber are boosted due to the increase of the ambient temperature. When the grease is injected, the drain and pressure should be drained first, so as to facilitate the smooth operation of the grease injection work. After the grease is applied, the air and moisture in the sealed chamber are sufficiently replaced. Timely discharge of the valve cavity pressure also ensures the safety of the valve. After the grease is applied, be sure to tighten the drain and pressure relief plug to prevent accidents.
Sixth, when filling grease, pay attention to the problem of uniform grease. In normal fat injection, the fat-producing hole closest to the grease injection port first comes out of fat, then to the low point, and finally to the high point, and the fat is successively produced. If it is not in accordance with the law or does not produce fat, it proves that there is clogging and timely clearing treatment.
Seventh, when filling the grease, also observe the problem that the valve diameter and the seal ring are flush. For example, if there is a ball valve, if there is open position, you can adjust the opening limiter to the inside to confirm that the hole is straight and locked. Adjusting the limit can not only pursue the opening or closing of a position, but should be considered as a whole. If the opening position is flush and not closed, the valve will not be closed. In the same way, if the adjustment is in place, the corresponding adjustments should also be considered. Make sure the valve is at right angles.
Eighth, after the grease is applied, the grease injection port must be sealed. Avoid the entry of impurities, or the oxidation of grease at the grease injection port. Apply anti-rust grease to the cover to avoid rust. So that it will be applied the next time.

Ninth, when filling grease, it is also necessary to consider specific issues in the future delivery of oil products. In view of the different qualities of diesel and gasoline, the ability to flush and decompose gasoline should be considered. In the future operation of the valve, when encountering the gasoline section, timely replenish the grease to prevent wear.
Tenth, when filling grease, do not ignore the grease filling on the stem. There is a sliding bushing or packing on the valve shaft, and it is also necessary to maintain the lubrication state to reduce the frictional resistance during operation. If the lubrication cannot be ensured, the torque is increased during the electric operation, and the switch is laborious during manual operation.
Eleventh, some ball valve body is marked with an arrow, if there is no English FIOW handwriting, it is the sealing seat action direction, not as a medium flow direction reference, the valve is in the opposite direction. Typically, a two-seat sealed ball valve has a two-way flow direction.
Twelfth, when the valve is maintained, pay attention to the water inlet problem in the electric head and its transmission mechanism. Especially the rain that infiltrates during the rainy season. One is to rust the transmission mechanism or the transmission bushing, and the other is to freeze in winter. The torque caused by the operation of the electric valve is too large. Damage to the transmission parts may cause the motor to be unloaded or the over-torque protection may not be electrically operated. The drive components are damaged and cannot be performed manually. After the over-torque protection action, the manual operation also fails to switch. For example, forced operation will damage the internal alloy parts.

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