Valve classification


(4) Vacuum class Vacuum types include vacuum ball valve […]

(4) Vacuum class
Vacuum types include vacuum ball valves, vacuum flap valves, vacuum inflation valves, pneumatic vacuum valves, and the like. The function of the vacuum system used in the vacuum system to change the direction of the airflow, adjust the flow of the gas, and cut or close the pipeline is called a vacuum valve.
(5) Special purpose categories
Special purpose categories include pigging valves, venting valves, blowdown valves, exhaust valves, filters, etc.
The exhaust valve is an indispensable auxiliary component in the pipeline system and is widely used in boilers, air conditioners, oil and gas, water supply and drainage pipes. It is often installed at the commanding heights or elbows to eliminate excess gas in the pipeline, improve the efficiency of the road use and reduce energy consumption.

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