Under the strictest faucet standard, take you to choose a good faucet


In recent years, lead-containing faucets have caused ma […]

In recent years, lead-containing faucets have caused many people to talk about the discoloration of faucets. Because the amount of lead in human body exceeds a certain level, it is easy to cause "lead poisoning". In the past, China did not have a mandatory standard for the metal release limit of water nozzles, but since December 1, consumers should buy water faucets on the market now, which should be produced in accordance with the new national standards. Those products manufactured according to the old standards are not allowed to be sold on the market, otherwise they are illegal.

Starting this month, GB18145-2014, known as the most stringent standard in history, was officially implemented. For the first time, the standard introduced the amount of metal precipitation into the compulsory requirements of the state, defined the release limits of 17 kinds of metal pollutants, and stipulated that the concentration of lead in the water immersed in the nozzle should be less than or equal to 5 micrograms/liter. After the most stringent faucet standards were formally implemented, how on earth should we buy faucets? Industry insiders said that they should check the certification and identification of faucets, including the certification of metal pollutant emissions, water-saving certification and so on.

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