The difference between bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet


In the kitchen, bathroom and other places are required […]

In the kitchen, bathroom and other places are required to use faucets, but in the bathroom and in the kitchen faucet
There are some differences in the head. Some people don't know what type to buy when they buy a faucet. They want to get it first.
Clear the difference between bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets, and see their respective advantages and disadvantages before deciding.

One. The difference between bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet
The faucet is divided into single-hole and double-hole (several holes are punched on the installed table surface), and single-hole is divided into double-temperature (hot and cold water) and single-cold.
(Only cold water).
The basic functions of kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets are the same. But the kitchen tap is easy to operate.
The angle of the faucet is usually single-hole, and the outlet handle of the faucet is relatively high, which is generally an arc-shaped cylinder.
The bathroom tap has various styles. You can go to the tap shop and see it clearly. There are very few people.
Install the kitchen faucet in the bathroom or the bathroom faucet in the kitchen, because the bathroom faucet is general.
They are relatively low outlets, do not need to be as high as the faucets installed in the kitchen, and can be moved left and right.
Water handle.

Two. Advantages and disadvantages of each
1. Kitchen faucets have many advantages. For example, stainless steel material makes 304 stainless steel with varied styles.
Faucet, because the faucet has no lead, acid, alkali, corrosion, no release of harmful substances.

2. It does not pollute the tap water and other excellent characteristics. At the same time, stainless steel taps do not need electroplating and are extremely difficult to produce.
Rust, hardness, high toughness, easy to clean. Don't worry about stainless steel has so many advantages, but stainless steel is also made of stainless steel.
It's difficult to process, so the price of the superior stainless steel tap on the market is relatively high, so it's time to buy it.
More money.
3. There are many special kinds of faucets with many advantages. It can rotate the kitchen at 360 degrees.
The tap should be higher and the outlet should be longer, preferably extending over the drainage outlet. This is all for the purpose of providing.
Convenient poison design. In addition, in order to meet the needs of various uses, the kitchen faucet can generally rotate 360 degrees.
4. Anti-calcification and anti-backflow are its main advantages. Two new faucets have been added to the market.
One of the functions of the incoming system is to prevent backflow.

5. The faucet is an anti-calcification and anti-backflow system: the system prevents dirty water from being sucked into the water pipes.
Layer material composition and anti-calcification system: in the lotus head and automatic cleaning system will deposit calcium, such as
This can also happen on taps, where the anti-calcification system prevents cleaning equipment from calcifying.
6. The flow from the faucet head can be the length of the nozzle, whether the flume on both sides can flow smoothly or not.
Entering the kitchen is a double basin, we should pay attention to whether the length of the tap nozzle can take into account both sides of the water while rotating.
7. Nowadays, most kitchen faucets can rotate left and right of the main body of the faucet, while the nozzle part can be pulled.
The type faucet can pull the nozzle out, and it is convenient to clean all parts of the sink.
The difference between bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets is as follows. When buying faucets, you can see their respective faucets.
Advantages and disadvantages, and then where the faucet is used, buy the corresponding type of products. The faucet material is also available.
There are many kinds of faucets. The specifications and types of faucets with different materials are also different. You can choose them before you choose them.

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