The complaint of the tap


By the pool, a small faucet was dripping and dripping, […]

By the pool, a small faucet was dripping and dripping, and the sound of the water seemed to be whispering.
The roadside bird just heard the sound. Driven by curiosity, the bird asked the tap, "What's wrong with you? Look, you don't seem very happy. Is there any difficulty?
The faucet was full of melancholy, and answered gloomily, "Some people don't know the preciousness of water resources. They always don't tighten the faucet, which makes the water lose so much white. You know what? How important the wasted water is to the place where there is a shortage of water!"
"That's true." The bird nodded with approval.
The faucet continued sadly: "At school, when the bell rang after class, the students ran to the faucet and turned on the water. Then they splashed water and played with each other. They did not turn off the faucet when they left." In family life, people use too much water to wash vegetables, do not turn off water when brushing their teeth, do not pay attention to the recycling of water, and empty barrels of pure water before they finish drinking... People generally believe that water is "inexhaustible, inexhaustible", but do not know that our per capita water resources are not rich, tap water is actually hard to come by!
Birds feel the same way: "Yes, people waste and pollute water resources, but they don't know that when water resources are exhausted, the first one to suffer is themselves. When will they understand?
The tap said, "We must let people and animals know that water resources are very precious. We must protect water resources well and not let the water run out!" Birds agreed, so they began to appeal for water conservation.
With the appeal of birds, many animals know the importance of water and begin to save water. Human beings are gradually aware of the serious consequences of waste of water, and feel self-reproach and regret for this. More and more people are joining the ranks of water conservation and protection.
When the tap saw that everyone was saving water, he laughed happily, and his smile was as bright as the sunshine.

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