The angle valve is an angle stop valve.


The angle valve is an angle stop valve. The angle valve […]

The angle valve is an angle stop valve. The angle valve is similar to a ball valve. Its structure and characteristics are corrected by the ball valve. The difference from a ball valve is that the outlet of the angle valve is at a right angle of 90 degrees to the inlet. Angle valves are also called triangular valves, angle valves, and angled water valves. This is because the pipe has a 90-degree corner shape at the angle valve, so it is called an angle valve, an angle valve, and a chamfer water valve.

Angle valves are also called triangle valves, angle valves, and angled water valves. They are mostly used for water and electricity installation in the decoration industry. They are important plumbing fittings.


1. Civil use

The angle valve mainly serves four functions:

1 transfer of water inside and outside the outlet;

2 The water pressure is too large, it can be adjusted on the triangle valve, and the pressure is small;

3 The role of the switch, if the faucet leaks and other phenomena, you can turn off the triangle valve, do not have to close the main valve in the home;

4 beautiful and generous. Therefore, the general new house decoration is an essential plumbing fitting, so the designer will also mention it when decorating the new house.

2, industrial use

The valve body of the angle valve has three inlets, a water quantity control port and a water outlet port, so it is called a triangular valve.

Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving, although there are still three mouths, but there are angle valves that are not angled.

Industrial angle valve: The angle control valve is similar to the straight-through single-seat control valve except that the valve body is at right angles.

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