• Valve related accessories and maintenance


    There are valves and fittings, they are used in the connection or control system of the pipeline. Valves and fittings cannot exist independently and complement each other. Valve fittings are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, as well as PVC, o...

  • Valve grease maintenance


    The professional maintenance work of the valve before and after the production before the welding plays a vital role in the service of the valve. The correct and orderly maintenance will protect the valve, make the valve function properly and extend ...

  • Valve grease maintenance 2


    Fifth, when filling grease, pay attention to the problem of valve body sewage discharge and wire plug pressure relief. After the valve pressure test, the gas and moisture in the valve chamber of the sealed chamber are boosted due to the increase of t...

  • Why does the double seal valve not be used as a shut-off valve


    The advantage of the two-seat valve spool is the force-balanced structure, which allows a large differential pressure, and its outstanding disadvantage is that the two sealing faces cannot be in good contact at the same time, resulting in a large lea...

  • Why is the cut-off pressure difference of the angular stroke type valve larger


    Why is the cut-off pressure difference of the angular stroke type valve larger? The cut-off pressure difference of the angular stroke type valve is large because the resultant force of the medium on the valve core or the valve plate generates a very ...

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