• Daily maintenance of valves


    Daily maintenance 1. The valve storage environment should be noted. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated room and block both ends of the passage. 2, the valve should be regularly inspected, and remove the dirt on it, apply anti-rust oil on its...

  • Valve model


    The valve type should normally indicate the valve type, drive type, connection type, structural characteristics, sealing surface material, valve body material and nominal pressure. The standardization of valve models provides convenience for the desi...

  • Valve link method


    Clip connection A connection form in which the valve and the two pipes are directly clamped together by bolts. Butt weld connection A connection that is directly welded to the pipe. Threaded connection This is a simple connection method and is often ...

  • The ferrule connection, the connection and sealing


    Card sleeve connection The ferrule connection, the connection and sealing principle is that when the nut is tightened, the ferrule is subjected to pressure, and the blade portion bites into the outer wall of the tube, and the outer tapered surface of...

  • All of the above connection forms use external force


    All of the above connection forms use external force to offset the medium pressure and achieve sealing. The following describes the connection form that uses the medium pressure for self-tightening. Its sealing ring is installed at the inner cone, at...

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