• ​Inlet valve technical requirements


    Since the inlet valve is an important security device for the unit and the hydropower station, there should be certain technical requirements for the structure and performance of the inlet valve: (1) The inlet valve should be reliable and easy to ope...

  • Valve introduction


    Valves are piping accessories used to open and close piping, control flow, and regulate and control the parameters (temperature, pressure, and flow) of the medium being transported. According to its function, it can be divided into shut-off valve, ch...

  • Shut-off valve


    (1) Shut-off valve This type of valve is open and closed. Standing on the inlet and outlet of cold and heat sources, equipment inlet and outlet, pipeline branch line (including riser), can also be used as drain valve and bleed valve. Common shut-off ...

  • Check valve and regulating valve


    Check valve and regulating valve (2) Check valve These valves are used to prevent backflow of the medium, open it by the kinetic energy of the fluid itself, and automatically shut down in the reverse flow. Standing at the outlet of the pump, the stea...

  • Valve classification


    (4) Vacuum class Vacuum types include vacuum ball valves, vacuum flap valves, vacuum inflation valves, pneumatic vacuum valves, and the like. The function of the vacuum system used in the vacuum system to change the direction of the airflow, adjust t...

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