• Faucet water purifier


    The main water purification technologies for faucet water purifiers are as follows: (1) Activated carbon technology Activated carbon is the main water purification material of the leading water purifier. The nano-active filter element has better adso...

  • Faucet production process and purchasing method


    Production Process The production process of the faucet: Copper ingot→dissolution→casting (low-grade casting with sand casting, high-quality faucet with gravity casting)→cleaning after casting→casting inspection→machining→tolerance inspection→testing...

  • Faucet considerations


    Hardware accessories common sense: buy faucet 12 points of attention Weight: Can not buy too light faucet, too light is mainly for manufacturers to reduce the cost, hollow inside the copper, the faucet looks big, not too heavy to pick up, it is easie...

  • Faucet use matters


    1. Thoroughly remove all impurities in the pipeline during installation. Spool damage, jamming, blockage and leakage can be avoided. At the same time, the surface should be cleaned so that no residue of building materials remains. 2. For any kind of ...

  • Faucet installation method


    First, prepare the installation tools. Check whether the matching parts are complete before installation. Common faucet parts include: hoses, rubber washers, showers, water, kidnappers, decorative caps, etc. 1. Single hole basin faucet installation W...

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