• Choose faucet water purifier to see the quality of filter element first


    The tap water in the one-night tap will produce hydration reaction with the metal pipe wall and the metal chamber of the tap due to its static state, forming metal-polluted water, and the microorganisms remaining in the tap water will multiply. This ...

  • Do you really know about faucet installation


    Water gives us life, and the tap gives us life. Faucet quality and installation problems have been plaguing many household heads. Although the installation of the faucet will be handled by a professional master, as the head of the household, you also...

  • The difference between bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet


    In the kitchen, bathroom and other places are required to use faucets, but in the bathroom and in the kitchen faucet There are some differences in the head. Some people don't know what type to buy when they buy a faucet. They want to get it first. Cl...

  • Talking about the handle of the kitchen faucet by stainless steel faucet manufacturers


    In the kitchen and bathroom, the handles we often see are usually in the form of single and double handles. What is the difference between the kitchen faucet and the handle selection? What is better? Kitchen faucet, it is recommended to choose a sing...

  • Daily cleaning and maintenance tips and precautions for sanitary products


    I. Ceramics 1. Vinegar descaling method: pour the mixture of vinegar and water into the toilet, soak for half a day, the scale will be brushed off immediately. 2. Sand paper descaling method: Use the finest sand paper to rub the toilet dirt, can remo...

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