• The complaint of the tap


    By the pool, a small faucet was dripping and dripping, and the sound of the water seemed to be whispering. The roadside bird just heard the sound. Driven by curiosity, the bird asked the tap, "What's wrong with you? Look, you don't seem very happy. I...

  • On Jan. 8, Xiaomi crowdfunding launched its 302 new product


    On Jan. 8, Xiaomi crowdfunding launched its 302 new product, which is our induction water-saving device. It has the characteristics of induction effluent, saving water and energy, convenient disassembly and assembly, super-long endurance, anti-overfl...

  • Faucet selection only takes 4 steps to "read, listen and understand"


    Faucet replacement speed is very fast, choose a good faucet to slow down the replacement speed. Zhongtao Sanitary Ware for you to analyze: 1. Look at the appearance The chrome plating process on the surface of a good tap is very exquisite, and usuall...

  • Under the strictest faucet standard, take you to choose a good faucet


    In recent years, lead-containing faucets have caused many people to talk about the discoloration of faucets. Because the amount of lead in human body exceeds a certain level, it is easy to cause "lead poisoning". In the past, China did not have a man...

  • Small accessories University asked, help you choose high-quality faucets


    Faucets are the necessities of family life. Every household uses them. Every day, people are in close contact with the faucets, at least several times, many dozens of times. It can be seen that the intimacy between the faucets and people's life is a ...

  • 18yrs

    18 years experience in sanitaryware fitting industry

  • 30+

    Our products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions

  • 200+

    We have a large production team, R & D team

  • 30million

    Our factory has a total investment of more than 30 million.

  • 7000m2

    7000² square meters of factory area

  • 10+

    We have more than 10 patents for inventions