• Brief Introduction of Ceramic Valve Core


    ceramic cartridge The ceramic valve core includes a valve core shell installed in the tap, which is inserted with a rotating core, and the lower end of the rotating core is connected to the movable valve sheet through a fork clamp. The movable valve ...

  • Ceramic spool application and service life


    application When the core is rotated, the shifting fork at the lower end of the rotating core rotates the moving valve piece, so that the water outlet hole on the moving valve piece and the water inlet hole on the static valve piece correspond to eac...

  • Copper safety valve use


    The copper safety valve is a valve that automatically controls and protects. Instead of relying on any external force, he uses the force of the medium itself to discharge a certain amount of medium to prevent the pressure inside the system from excee...

  • How to choose a quality faucet


    How to choose a quality faucet? Gently turn the handle to see if it is light and flexible 1. Look at the brightness of the surface. The valve body of the faucet is made of brass. After grinding and polishing, the surface is coated with nickel and chr...

  • How to make proper cleaning and maintenance of the basin faucet


    The basin faucet also needs a certain amount of maintenance. Imagine that when the bathroom is washed, it is found that the faucet is covered with scratches or dirt, which will make you feel like you are seen by the guests. The cleaning of the faucet...

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