Faucet water purifier


The main water purification technologies for faucet wat […]

The main water purification technologies for faucet water purifiers are as follows:

(1) Activated carbon technology Activated carbon is the main water purification material of the leading water purifier. The nano-active filter element has better adsorption capacity, and has better filtering effect on chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides in water before adsorption saturation.

(2) Hollow fiber technology The water purification technology based on hollow fiber membrane can filter out most of the pollutants in the water, and the filter cartridge needs to be replaced regularly.

(3) Ceramics and nano-KDF technology Most of the domestic products adopt micro-porous ceramic filter cores and nano-KDF filter materials, dechlorination balls and alkaline balls. The water discharge flow is larger than that of hollow fiber technology. The water purifier and ceramic filter can be used repeatedly for cleaning. After a certain service life, the filter element should be replaced regularly.

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