Electric faucet


The faucet is the popular name for the water valve. It […]

The faucet is the popular name for the water valve. It is used to control the size of the water flow switch and has the effect of saving water. The faucet has been updated very quickly, from the old cast iron process to the plated knob type, and has developed into a stainless steel single temperature single control faucet, a stainless steel dual temperature double control faucet, and a kitchen semi-automatic faucet. Nowadays, more and more consumers are buying faucets, which will be comprehensively considered in terms of materials, functions and shapes.


The faucet first appeared in the 16th century and was cast in bronze. Its main function is to control the water outlet switch and water flow. The early faucets were spiral lifts, and most of them were ceramic faucets on the market, and the spiral lifts were basically eliminated.

(1) [Stopcock]: a cock that cuts off or regulates the [flow through the pipe] water flow

(2) [Swivel]: rotary joint placed between the mud pump hose and the rotary drill pipe

(3) [Faucet; Bibcock; Water tap]: faucet with lever and eccentric control switch

Electric faucet

The electric faucet is also called a hot faucet or a quick faucet, and includes a faucet body and a water flow control switch. The faucet body is provided with a heating chamber and an electric control chamber, which are separated by a sealing plate, and a heating circuit is arranged in the electric control cavity. There is a heating tube inside, the heating tube power is generally 2-3KW, the hot water can be heated in 3-5 seconds, and the heating tube is connected to the heating circuit, wherein the heating tube is an insulated heating tube; the insulating heating tube It is a hydroelectric isolation type insulated heating pipe; the faucet body is mostly high temperature resistant engineering plastic type, a few are all metal type; the electric control cavity is provided with an insulating water pressure switch. The heating circuit is provided with an electrical switch, which is connected with the end of the insulating water pressure switch, and is connected to the water and electricity. The temperature controller and the anti-drying device are arranged therein, and the leakage protection switch can also be provided.

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