Delta valve purchase - triangle valve purchase


First look at the material. It is best that the copper […]

First look at the material. It is best that the copper material will be heavy, and the excellent material will greatly extend the service life of the product; although the zinc alloy on the market is relatively cheap, it is easy to break in one year, and the maintenance is uncomfortable.

Next, look at the spool. Generally, the ceramic valve core is used. The valve core is the heart of the product. It is firmly locked and the life span depends on it, especially the inner seal ring and ceramic piece. But generally we can't see it, we have to try it, feel too heavy, the switch is uncomfortable, the hand feel is too light, it will not take long to leak, the soft touch life is longer.

Finally look at the plating gloss. Pay attention to the gloss, whether the product is blistering or scratching. The surface of the good product is smooth and bright, and the hand feels smooth and flawless. In addition, the salt spray test of the angle valve on the market can not meet the requirements of GB18145-2003, not to mention that it is only a thing used in the toilet, and few people pay attention.

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