Delta valve purchase - introduction of triangle valve


Angle valves are also called triangular valves, angle v […]

Angle valves are also called triangular valves, angle valves, and angled water valves. This is because the pipe has a 90-degree corner shape at the angle valve, so it is called an angle valve, an angle valve, and a chamfer water valve. "Cold" and "Hot" (different from blue and red signs) The same type of cold and warm triangular valve in the same manufacturer has the same material with no essential difference. The main purpose of distinguishing between cold and warm is: hot and cold signs, mainly It is to distinguish which is hot water and which is cold water. Only some low-end slow-opening triangle valves are rubber ring spools, and the rubber ring material can not withstand 90 degrees of hot water, which needs to be divided into hot and cold. "Quick open" and "slow open". Quick opening means turning the valve on and off 90 degrees quickly. Slow opening refers to the 360 ​​degree non-stop rotary angle valve handle to open and close the valve. Basically, it is all about using quick opening.
Delta valve purchase - the role of the triangle valve
1 transfer inside and outside the water outlet.
2 is too much water pressure, can be adjusted above the triangle valve, close a little,
3 is the function of the switch. If the faucet leaks and other phenomena occur, the triangle valve can be turned off, and it is not necessary to close the main valve in the home.
4 is beautiful and generous. Therefore, the general new house decoration is an essential water accessories.

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