Daily care of tap maintenance


1 Cleaning (1) Do not wipe the faucet surface directly […]

1 Cleaning

(1) Do not wipe the faucet surface directly with a wet towel (2) Do not wipe the faucet with a burr (3) Do not let the Faucet cartridge touch the acid-base liquid (4) Do not place the faucet directly on a hard object (Special When displaying to the customer, don't put it on our desk directly, give the customer that your product is not high grade) (5) Wipe with dry soft cotton cloth

2 Maintenance

(1) Usually available car wax spray After wiping 3-5 minutes to the faucet surface, the brightness of the faucet sample can be maintained. (2) It is best not to touch it directly by hand because the oil on the hand can easily touch the surface of the faucet and it is not easy to clean and affect the finish. (3) The position of the faucet sample is often replaced. (4) The faucet sample is frequently exchanged.

The following two methods can be used: A. The faucet sample will be sold to the new box and the customer will be taken away and the sample will be exchanged with the company’s product. Company delivery personnel send samples to consumers for installation.

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