Copper valve installation


The pipe-threaded valve is connected to the pipe thread […]

The pipe-threaded valve is connected to the pipe thread of the pipe end, wherein the internal thread may be a cylindrical pipe thread or a conical pipe thread, and the external thread must be a conical pipe thread.

The internal threaded gate valve is connected to the pipe end, and the length of the external thread of the pipe end needs to be controlled. In order to avoid excessive screwing of the pipe end so as to press the inner end surface of the threaded valve stem, the valve seat is deformed and the sealing property is affected.

For valves with threaded connection, when installing and tightening, the hex or octagonal part of the same end of the thread should be clamped, and the hexagonal or octagonal part of the other end of the valve should not be wrenched to avoid deformation of the valve. The flange of the flange-connected valve and the flange of the pipe end are not only the same size as the specification, but also require the same nominal pressure.

When the valve stem leaks during the installation and commissioning process, tighten the nut at the packing and tighten the nut, and pay attention to the force should not be too large, so as not to leak.

In order to extend the service life of the valve, the gate valve and ball valve should be fully open and fully closed. It is not appropriate to partially open for throttling. Because the part is turned on, the rolling medium will erode the sealing surface of the shutter and the ball. When the medium has impurities, the erosion will be greater.

When installing the valve, do not disassemble it as much as possible. If it needs to be disassembled and installed, please make sure to mark it. Especially for the gate valve, the direction of the gate after reinstallation should be consistent with the direction before disassembly.

Valves for plumbing are not allowed to be used on pipes that transport flammable gases or corrosive media. For use in the above pipes, it is recommended to purchase special valves, such as gas ball valves and stainless steel valves.

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