All of the above connection forms use external force


All of the above connection forms use external force to […]

All of the above connection forms use external force to offset the medium pressure and achieve sealing. The following describes the connection form that uses the medium pressure for self-tightening. Its sealing ring is installed at the inner cone, at an angle to the opposite side of the medium, the medium pressure is transmitted to the inner cone, and is transmitted to the sealing ring. At a certain angle of the cone surface, two component forces are generated, one with The centerline of the valve body is parallel to the outside and the other is pressed against the inner wall of the valve body. The latter part of the force is self-tightening. The greater the medium pressure, the greater the self-tightening force. Therefore, this type of connection is suitable for high pressure valves. It is more flanged than the flange, it saves a lot of material and manpower, but it also needs a certain pre-tightening force, so that it can be used reliably when the pressure inside the valve is not high. Valves made using the principle of self-tightening are generally high pressure valves.
There are many forms of valve connections, such as small valves that do not have to be removed, welded to the pipe; some non-metallic valves, socketed connections, and so on. Valve users should be treated according to the circumstances.

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