​Inlet valve technical requirements


Since the inlet valve is an important security device f […]

Since the inlet valve is an important security device for the unit and the hydropower station, there should be certain technical requirements for the structure and performance of the inlet valve:

(1) The inlet valve should be reliable and easy to operate.

(2) The inlet valve should be simple in structure, small in size and light in weight.

(3) The inlet valve should have superior performance, and there is a strict water sealing device to reduce water leakage, so as to repair the rear parts of the valve.

(4) The structure and strength of the inlet valve and its operating mechanism should meet the operational requirements, and can withstand the water pressure and vibration of various working conditions without excessive deformation. When the unit has an accident, it can be quickly shut down under the dynamic water pressure. The closing time should meet the time allowed for the generator to escape and the pressure of the pressure water pipe to allow the water hammer pressure value, generally no more than two minutes. [3]

The inlet valve usually only has two conditions, full opening and full closing. It is not allowed to partially open to adjust the flow, so as to avoid excessive hydraulic loss and affect the stability of the water flow, causing excessive vibration. The inlet valve is also not allowed to open in the case of moving water, which increases the operating torque and does not require operation.

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